Radio Graveyards


dentist survival

It felt like this once I finally got out of there though. Who wants to have weird medieval implements shoved in their mouth and then have to pay for the privilege? Thank christ for health insurance.

half year review - i'm doing this

I don't slavishly follow self - help websites as a rule, but there was something intriguing about Chris Guillebeau's post 'How to conduct your own annual review'. I'm not sure whether it was the way it stared knowingly at me across the crowded room, its eyes boring deep into my soul, or its witty, disarming charm but before I knew it, I found myself seriously undergoing a mid-year review.

Strangely enough, it turned out to be pretty handy in sorting out exactly what i needed to focus on and start a number of things I'd been putting off...and putting off...and putting off.

I've managed to join a gym, start up yoga again and I'm going to the dentist today. This is weird...I'm not supposed to be so healthy. Damn productivity.


that pile of paper

I did a massive clean out of my room a few months ago and got rid of a bunch of dated, ugly furniture. It was done in the faint hope that this would force me to buy some hip retro furniture to replace it. But of course, that hasn't happened yet.

I've at least starting checking out a few great stores though, in the hope of finding that perfect 1970s desk from Denmark, painstakingly constructed by an industrial designer with deathly black oversized glasses and a surreptitious cocaine habit.

What didn't make it to the bin in the spring clean was a bunch of relatively important personal documents, journal articles and the like which were too important to throw out, but didn't need to be on hand everyday. In short, they needed to go into deep storage.

Now I spent weeks wandering around for your standard filing cabinet or something similar, which would give me easy access to all of these documents but then it hit me...when was the last time I desperately needed to paw through these papers to find something? It was months ago. I didn't need to organise these papers and waste money on a filing cabinet, which always end up looking horrendously ugly. So I bought this amazingly rad box from Nook Vintage in Collingwood instead. It hides my documents perfectly and looks much more stylish then a beige filing cabinet.

Screw meticulous organisation for a thesis - just box it.